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We do the show because we love books, we love to learn, and we love people who love books... And we love to f**k around.

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Good Scribes Only is a growing community of readers and proof that there are still people out there who love books.

From classics to fantasy, adventure to tragedy, comedy
to avant-garde, GSO is your personal book group. It’s an opportunity to look more deeply into a book you’ve read,
or discover one you haven’t.

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Great podcast!

I’m enjoying it a lot so far! It’s a great book podcast that is engaging and insightful. Both co-hosts are witty and entertaining.

I’m a full blown groupie.

Can’t get enough of these guys and the talents they have for professional book reporting. This podcast is going places.

The Only Book Podcast That I Enjoy

Daniel and Jeremy strike an excellent balance and are truly insightful individuals. I don’t read novels or listen to podcasts often, but this is a must listen podcast. Time well spent!

Imbued with Humanity, Insights and Joy

This podcast delivers humor, insights and down to earth discussions about great literature. It features a fun and lively back and forth between the two hosts and for me, was a reminder of how much there is to love in a great novel.

9 Podcasts To Make You A More Rounded Leader

“To grow your literary muscle and expose yourself to analysis of diverse works, check out Good Scribes Only. The two hosts, Jeremy Streich and Daniel Breyer, are a novelist/founder and a novelist/venture investor, respectively.”

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Bookfam, unite!

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