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The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

About the Book The novel centers on the Lambert family, particularly the struggles of aging patriarch Alfred and his wife, Enid, who yearns for family unity. Their adult children face personal crises, from failing marriages to moral dilemmas, reflecting the broader changes and challenges in American society. Franzen weaves a rich narrative that delves into themes of aging, capitalism, and the pursuit of happiness, offering a poignant look at the complexities of family life and the shifting American dream.

About the Author

Jonathan Franzen is an acclaimed American novelist and essayist widely recognized for his keen observations on contemporary society, family dynamics, and personal relationships. Franzen first gained major literary acclaim with his third novel, “The Corrections,” published in 2001, which won the National Book Award and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. His works are known for their detailed characterizations and deep insights into the American middle class.

About the Show

Hosted by novelists and entrepreneurs Daniel Breyer & Jeremy Streich, Good Scribes Only is a podcast for curious minds to explore, challenge, and think differently through books. In Season 5, we’re traveling through 2000-2010, year by year, because Dan couldn’t remember what the world was like before ChatGPT.

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